Creative hair work is a passion of mine.

I take a lot of pride and excitement when I am booked for weddings. True story but I don't sleep for days just going over what i'm going to be doing and triple checking I have all my equipment packed if i'm out on location! 

I love the excitement and gratitude on the bridal parties face when their hair is complete and they are all set to walk down the aisle.

Sophie - Owner and Senior Stylist 


Balayage is one of the most popular colouring techniques in the hair salon at the moment. We pride ourselves on our technical abilities and can reassure you that you are in safe hands!

 It is low maintenance and can really create a bold statement. There are SO many different varieties of balayage so it is important to have a free consultation to talk to your stylist about what your vision is.


Colour correction is a long process and cannot always be achieved in one sitting. It takes a lot of time and skill to keep the hair in good condition and look great!

 At the consultation process we will discuss in depth what the process is depending on the outcome you wish.

We also use OLAPEX which is added to lightener and tint to keep the hair strong and prevent breakage. This can be added to any treatment for a small additional cost.

Here are a few pictures of colour corrections we have completed.


There are many forms of extensions and their uses are to achieve different outcomes on each individual client.

The weave extension is a sewn in method that is less time consuming than individual bonds. This method helps to gain overall thickness and can be used for extra length. 

We also do tape extensions which are used to create thickness on finer hair that cannot withstand a heavy weave. These lay flat to the head and are applied using keratin tape which is not at all damaging for the hair.

Other methods include U-tip & I-tip bond extensions. These are individual bonded extensions that can be used for a full head or can be used to fill in finer sides or any gaps where the hair is thinner.

At your consultation process you stylist will advise what method is best for your hair.